Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to our office! It is our pleasure to provide you all the help that you need to accomplish a beautiful smile—one that reflects a complete commitment to your total dental health. Not just for today, but for the longer life expectancy and the healthy, youthful quality of life we all hope for? It takes more than hope, however-- it takes pro-active choices NOW: The type of dentistry you choose today will impact where your dental and overall health will be, 20 years from now…Don’t take your choice lightly!

Ever wonder if your dental office has your long-term, best interests in mind, or just those of your “dental insurance company?” Complete diagnosis and treatment takes time. So does involving the patient in decisions that affect their own individual health needs and ultimately their dental health future. With increased pressure due to heavy discounting from the big insurance companies, many dental practices have moved to a “high volume” practice model. This serves the insurance company well, shifting the focus to doing “the least amount possible” for each person, in order to push more people through the system. Those short-term fixes will lead to problems down the road, and they tend to multiply, in terms of cost, hassle, and compromised results. No wonder many medical and dental offices are feeling more like McDonalds than a patient-focused health service environment.

How can you tell you are really being taken care of? Here is what our team-members agree we would look for in a dental practice if any one of us ever moved away and could no longer be treated here at Allen & Holm - Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.