Headaches, Clenching, Grinding Teeth

Many people damage their teeth or give themselves headaches by grinding or clenching their teeth during their sleep. The vast majority of patients are totally unaware that they have this habit, until it is too late. Most of these patients will eventually suffer from teeth that become shortened, worn, cracked and chipped, resulting in a collapsed appearance, or what Dr. Allen and Dr. Holm like to call "premature aging of the smile. Some people develop jaw joint (TMJ) pain. Investment in a simple, preventive solution can save you thousands of dollars of restorative treatment down the road! We offer custom-made, comfortable night-guard type splints to help with this. In addition to our standard splints, we offer NTI the only FDA approved splint for the treatment of Migraine headaches. (An important warning: Don't settle for over-the-counter guards, often intended for sports that fit improperly, are not designed to fit your bite and will cause even more irreversible problems.)

nti imagenti diagram