105 Pounds of Halloween candy shipped to the troops through Operation Gratitude

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A part of a letter to Dr. Holm from the founder of Operation Gratitude:

On behalf of OPERATION GRATITUDE and the U.S. troops deployed overseas who will benefit from your kindness, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and support of our Halloween Candy Drive

Your generous support and donation of 105 lbs of candy and letter will enable us to sent 100,000 'chock-full' care packages during 2010-2011, including the shipment of our 600,000 Care Package on December 11, 2010! The hundreds of letters we have received from the troops (which can be read in the Mail Call section of our website) attest to the positive and lasting impact of your kindness. 

A First Lieutenant wrote:

"The care package you sent brought tears to my eyes. Not only did it have wonderful goodies, but it has the spirit of America in it. It had pride and hope in it. It gave me a reason to be here and a motivation to help me carry on with my head held up high. "Thank you" just doesn't seem to justify what I am feeling. So, please, know that you gave a Soldier, a mother, a teacher and an American a smile and a sense of pride that I needed. God bless Amerilca and God bless you."

Our dental team is proud to be part of Operation Gratitude!

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