7 Reasons to Choose Us

    1. Thorough, complete care, including the latest in technology, like:

      • DIAGNODENT Laser Cavity screening, to find cavities when they are small before they damage the tooth, causing a lifetime of future problems.
      • Detailed measuring and monitoring of every aspect of the gum and bone surrounding the teeth to keep gum disease at bay.
      • Digital Imaging technology that allows Dr Holm to “zoom in” on areas of concern

    2. A friendly, caring team that knows you as a person, not just a set of teeth, all focused on attending to your every need. (Service “counts” even more in a dental environment where many people have a hard time feeling comfortable in the past!) Our staff care more, take more time, and have more experience than what you will find elsewhere. They have been here for years and those that have worked for other offices have returned here because they are empowered to do the right thing for each and every patient.

    3. Stellar Communication, to help you understand what is going on in your mouth, what can be done, and what the impact of your choices are, now and in the future.

      • Digital cameras to allow you to see what we are seeing!
      • Dr Holm and her team really take their time to explain what is going on, and answer any questions you may have.
      • Digital Imaging technology that allows Dr Holm to “zoom in” on areas of concern
      • We will work WITH you to find solutions for your dental problems.

    4. Caring-this means really listening, sharing information and decisions, controlling your comfort during procedures, letting you be in control of your dental health choices, offering you the level of care we chose for ourselves and our family members, helping you find ways to make dental care more affordable . This means putting the needs of the patient above that of the insurance company or the goals of a business manager at a corporate office or insurance company.

    5. Convenience- we offer early morning, late afternoon, evening, and even Saturday appointment times.

    6. Prevention- does your dental team just look for problems to fix, or do they take the time to seek out and stay abreast of the latest ways to prevent dental problems in the first place? such as:

      • preserve tooth structure, where possible using conservative ceramic Onlays instead of a full crown
      • prevent and control cavities, via fluoride and calcium and a myriad of oral hygiene strategies
      • Controlling gum disease with the latest conservative methods, like locally applied antibiotics, customized oral hygiene and maintenance plans, and detailed meticulous by our hygienists to avoid progressive problems and expensive surgical procedures.

    7. We are really friendly and we love what we do! (did we already say that?)